Holdem Blackjack Strategy

We all love traditional blackjack but sometimes it's fun to mix it up a bit. It's easy to learn how to play Holdem Blackjack if you've played and understand Texas Hold'em and Blackjack. The game play consists of three rounds:

How to play

Round one

As usual the game begin with two players posting the small and big blind. All players also have to add ante to the pot. The ante is half the amount of the small blind. Each player is dealt one card face down and the betting action starts. Betting starts from the left of the blinds and Hold’em Blackjack is always played with fixed limit in the first rounds. The standard bet equals the big blind.

Round two

The players who are still in the game (i.e. have not folded) receive a second card which is face up. Once again the betting action starts from the left and the bets now equal 2x the big blind (as in all fixed limit games).

Round three

All remaining players complete their hands. You hit cards until you’re satisfied or bust. Players who bust are still in the game. All cards dealt in round three are dealt face down. When all players have completed their hands it’s time for a final round of betting. In this last round it’s spread limit. All bets or raises must be between 2x to 10x the big blind.

The showdown

Players show their cards in the same order as in Texas Hold’em. The player with the highest hand (that haven’t busted) wins. The pot is split if several players tie. If all hands are busted the hand closest to 21 wins.


Avoid playing to many weak starting hands such as fours to sevens. Stick to playing aces and tens as much as possible. You will get the best odds out of them and you will hopefully get 21 in round two which means that you won’t even have to think about folding.
It may be hard to bluff in Hold’em Blackjack since you’ve got one card face up but in some situations you should consider trying it. If you’re showing an ace but don’t have 21 and assume that none of the other got anything good, go for it!
It can be very profitable to play some lower hands. First of all, your opponents will not be so worried about you if you’re showing a low card face up. Second, if you got a total of 10 or 11 with your first two cards then you got a good chance of hitting 20/21.
Use the opportunity of the spread limit structure in the final round when you got a great hand or are bluffing.
Remember that the position is just as important as in Texas Hold’em. Late position gives you information about the other players. You could for example guess that all players before you have busted and therefore stand with a quite low hand – and still win the pot.
Remember - iIf all players busts the one closest to 21 wins. Don’t give up if you’ve busted, guess what the other players got instead.